Tuesday, November 21, 2006

#80 $1300 to be the first off the ship

To raise money for a variety of charities around the world, the Students of Service organization held an auction. Here are a few of the auction items and the prices they brought. 
  • Luxurious bubble bath in the dean’s office: $300 
  • Cooking lesson with the ship’s chef: $250
  • Manually steer ship for 5 minutes: $525
  • Game of Risk with Dustin, the 4-year-old son of a professor: $100
  • Make the day’s announcements on the ship’s loudspeaker: $600
  • Inflatable globe used at all pre-port meetings: $875
  • Navigational map signed by crew: $1100
  • First off the ship in Fort Lauderdale: $1300
  • Sound the ship horn as we come into Fort Lauderdale: $60
  • Raise the American flag as we pull into Fort Lauderdale: $800 

Yours in wondering at the depth of the pockets of our fellow passengers,

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