Sunday, December 03, 2006

#87 Librarians at Sea

Erika and I were surprised and touched when our library work-study students arranged a surprise party for us this week. I’ve already mentioned how lucky we are to have these 6 students working with us in the library – and that was before they bought us cake!

This is the first full voyage of Semester at Sea under the academic sponsorship of the University of Virginia. Our library crew has worked extra hard to accomplish a major project this semester to support the transition to UVa in addition to the constant circulation and reference responsibilities. Because of this project, future SAS faculty will know what resources are available to them in the ship’s library through the UVa catalog.

With the assistance of these six strong-armed work study students, we’ve physically moved each item from the shelves to the circulation desk, weeded, added a UVa bar code, updated the electronic catalog, and reshelved. It’s been a test of planning, teamwork, and endurance, ably directed by Erika. And we’re on track to finish the project before we arrive in Florida. It occurs to me now I’m working in what is likely the world’s largest and certainly best managed floating library!

Yours in appreciating library teamwork,

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