Thursday, December 14, 2006

#94 Thanks for traveling with us

Thinking back now, the trip dissolves into uncountable little segments.

We didn’t go around the world. We went to Chicago, then Los Angeles, then San Diego. And each little trip generated its own memories, people, sights, and such. It’s like life. You live a whole bunch of days with countless choices along the way and at the end, you look back and realize that was my life. We saw too many people who don’t have the luxury of choices to alter the direction of their lives, so we’re returning with a new focus.

We know what’s important is what you do along the way, the journey, the days, the choices. As we think back now, we’re really thinking ahead, eager for the chance to make good choices every day. And there you have almost everything that took place these 117 days which deserves mention in this chronicle of Kelly and Mary’s voyage around the world.

Yours in appreciating the journey,
Kelly and Mary

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  1. Mary and Kelly, Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us! You did a fantastic job and I'm totally inspired. Welcome home.