Thursday, December 14, 2006

#93 Back home again

Our voyage has come to an end – we’re sad, but happy to be home. In the week that we’ve been back in the US, here are some of the things that we particularly appreciate.

In the US
  • Rest areas with ‘western’ toilets, running water, AND toilet paper
  • Cars that drive in their own traffic lanes
  • The low, low price of gas (now selling for about $8/gallon in Europe)
  • Drinkable tap water and all the environmental policies in place that make it so

In Florida (where we hung out while waiting for Indiana to warm up)
  • Warm southern states that allow us to postpone our entry to winter
  • Key Lime Pie in Key West
  • The homogeneity of the US that allowed Sonic Drive-Ins to make it all the way to Florida
  • The ideas that Frank Lloyd Wright took (uncredited) from all over the world that allowed him to create the chapel at Florida Southern College
  • The connections between Kansas City and Key West – home to both Truman and Hemingway
6062f K Little White House

In Indiana
  • The feeling that we get when turning on our street
  • Dropping off the rental car and walking home
  • Neighbors who are eager to greet us 
  • Friends who have taken care of our home, stacked up all the mail, and brought dinner on our first day back
6231f Home
Yours in Indiana,

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  1. I'm sad that I missed your homecoming but I'm happy that you had a great trip and returned safely! Thanks for sharing!