Wednesday, December 13, 2006

#92 Qualitative analysis is hard.

So here’s a little more quantitative stuff…

  • Number of travel days (August 19 – December 13): 117
  • Number of rail miles from Indy to San Diego: 2,559
  • Number of miles traveled aboard the MV Explorer: 26,334
  • Number of car miles from Florida to Indy (clearly not a direct route): 2,224
  • Total number of miles traveled to get around the world: 31,117

  • Number of movies seen: 4
  • The Devil Wears Prada with Cantonese subtitles in Hong Kong
  • A Good Year with Turkish subtitles in Turkey
  • Borat with Croatian subtitles in Croatia
  • The Holiday with chick-flick subtitles (by me) in Florida
  • Best movie-going experience: Turkey (reserved seats, lobby service, intermission)

  • Country most likely to return to visit: Japan, Croatia, Spain
  • Country most likely not to return to visit: India, Egypt
  • Country most likely to live in: Spain
  • Most beautiful country: Croatia
  • Country with our favorite mosaics: Turkey
  • Country most in need of environmental protection: India, Egypt
  • Best port arrival: Hong Kong harbor
  • Worst port arrival: Adabiya, Egypt
  • Best port greeting: band and water-spraying fire boat in Kobe, Japan
  • Most welcoming country: Spain
  • Least welcoming country: Croatia
  • Concept the US should emulate: Japan’s train service
  • Country where we expected to find gingko trees: China
  • Country where we found gingko trees: Japan
  • Best beach: Phan Thiet, Vietnam
  • Strongest connection to home: Touring the Frank Lloyd Wright home in Japan
  • Best man-made spectacle on earth: the Hong Kong harbor light show
  • Best rooftop experience for Mary: The nightclub on top of the Rex Hotel in Saigon
  • Best rooftop experience for Kelly: The camera obscura in Cadiz, Spain
  • Most spectacular structure: Himeji Castle in Japan
  • Most inspirational structure: A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan
  • Best local food: Dim Sum in Hong Kong
  • Best non-local food: Italian in Saigon
  • Food Mary can’t believe she ate: Bird’s nest soup (made from swallow’s saliva) 
  • Favorite souvenirs: Bowls from Turkey and a shoulder bag from Myanmar
  • Favorite trip leadership experience: 3-day trip to Phan Thiet, Vietnam with about 20 students
  • Scariest trip leadership experience: 3-day trip to Delhi, India when one of our student’s hotel rooms caught on fire
  • Favorite sign: “Enjoy the present condition and do an enjoyable life.” (in China) 
  • Animals spotted: flying fish, camels, monkeys, whales, sea lions, alligators

  • Most inspiring library: Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  • Most welcoming library: Cairo Public Library
  • Librarian most likely to have her own action figure: Erika
  • Most professionally rewarding on-ship experience: Completing the semester-long project to rebarcode the ENTIRE collection
  • One more reason to become a librarian: See the world (as if you needed another one) 
  • Plan for next time: Bring copies of Oh The Places You’ll Go for library donations in each port

  • Number of words/phrases added to vocabulary: 2 (Top Ass - from stimulating library conversation, replaces ‘awesome’ AND Weak Sauce – from stimulating conversation with our daughters, means ‘disappointing’)
  • Most exercise: Kelly’s workout with his Sea Olympics volleyball team
  • Most beautiful water: Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and Japan
  • Least beautiful water: Approach to Myanmar on Irrawaddy River
  • Roughest seas: Atlantic Ocean leaving Spain and Mediterranean Sea leaving Egypt Most personally rewarding on-ship experience: Adopting 6 fabulous daughters
  • Best music: Megan’s singing
  • Best dinner: Captain’s dinner with table service, superb food, unlimited wine
  • Best opportunity for flirting with Captain Roman: Mary seated at the Captain’s right hand during the Captain’s dinner
  • Best on-ship dessert for Kelly: flan
  • Best on-ship dessert for Mary: peanut butter cookies

Yours in driving slowly home to give us plenty of review time,
Kelly and Mary

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  1. Hey! Thanks for including the weak sauce definition! I've been wondering about that.