Thursday, September 13, 2007

#240 Left behind

Semester at Sea for Fall 2007 has set sail without us on board!
Yes, it's true. The MV Explorer has somehow made it all the way from San Diego to Japan while I'm still standing here on dry land.

Kathy is the UVa librarian on the ship this semester. Her clever and in-depth blog includes a lot of her library experiences, so you librarians out there will want to check that out. Thankfully, she is not cursing the Semester at Sea library coordinator back in Charlottesville.

Alexis, also from UVa, is working as the ship’s registrar. I've not met Alexis, but after reading her witty blog, I look forward to meeting her when she returns.

Yours in being a little bit jealous of Kathy and Alexis,

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