Sunday, September 16, 2007

#241 Creeping

"Virginia's finest rail-trail, the Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail, occupies the bed of what was once a rugged mountain railroad between Abingdon and the Virginia-North Carolina border."
"With 100 trestles and bridges, sharp curves, and steep grades, the Virginia Creeper was the quintessential mountain railroad. Train crews faced wash-outs, rock slides, and other hazards, but it was economics that sounded the line's death whistle. Having failed to turn a profit since the Great Depression, the Creeper ran its last train on March 31, 1977. Less than a century after the railroad arrived, the Virginia Creeper once again became a quiet trail. The circle was complete." - Virginia Creeper Trail Club
Thanks to the Virginia Creeper Trail Club, we enjoyed a gorgeous Saturday in southwest Virginia - with me on my Huffy and Kelly on The Beast (courtesy of K&M.) We didn't ride the entire 35 miles, but we made it the 6 miles to this fabulous view, before we turned back.
Yours in creeping,

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