Sunday, September 30, 2007

#245 Filling an Architecture Void

I like architecture and presentations.

So Friday after work I walked to the UVa School of Architecture to sit in on the annual Michael Owen Jones Memorial Lecture.

For an hour and a half, Lisa Iwamoto and Craig Scott described the work they do at their San Francisco firm IwamotoScott Architecture.

  • Architecture students keep Moleskine in business.
  • When architects design a house to fit around an existing tree, they create a "tree void".
  • When architects design a house to accommodate fog, they create a "fog void".
  • Folks from Buffalo Junction, Virginia keep their cell phone ringers on max volume at all times.
  • I hadn't heard the word "funicular" since Turkey.
  • Architects spend a lot of time and effort designing things that will never be built. When asked about staying motivated in that environment, Iwamoto equated unbuilt projects to investments in research.
Looking back, I think I made a good choice in creating a Friday evening "time void" to make an investment in my architecture education.

Yours in creating, then filling, voids,

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