Sunday, September 30, 2007

#244 KLP and UNESCO

Our friend Bridget came to visit us this weekend.

She flew from Omaha to Charlottesville - no easy task - to help us with our key lime pie research!

We altered the Johnston Visitor Plan and spent all our time close to home. (The JVP can be tailored to suit all visitor wishes. Come see!)

During our tour of the UVa grounds, I mentioned (bragged) that Monticello and the university are a UNESCO world heritage site. This, of course, leads to the question... how many world heritage sites are there anyway? And it leads to another important question... is anyone working on the list of KLP world culinary sites?

Since I still don't have an iPhone, we later researched these questions at home. Turns out, there are 20 world heritage sites in the US. Oh the places we need to go!

And amazingly enough, I am the only one working on the list of KLP world culinary sites. Oh the research we need to do!

Yours in appreciating those who take 3 flights to study key lime pie and to lengthen our places-to-go list,

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