Sunday, February 06, 2011

#459 Neighbors again

We've enjoyed fabulous neighbors through the years.  Now our worlds collide on Semester At Sea. 

Theresa and I started our computer programming careers on the same day - working for the Technical Services Division, Phillips Petroleum Company in Bartlesville, OK - and we lived a couple of blocks apart on Cherokee Avenue.   Little did we know that three decades later, Theresa, her husband Paul, and I would be sailing around the world together.  (See Theresa's blog.)

When the NCAA took us to Indianapolis, our next door neighbors welcomed us warmly to the Crossroads of America.  Dick and Dorane are Semester at Sea veterans and are the folks who first told us about the program back in 2003.

We are thrilled to be together again with all of our neighbors and officially celebrated our reunion with carne de sol and sardine pizza at Scarola's Restaurant in Manaus, Brazil.

And we continue to celebrate each day as we are all neighbors on the MV Explorer - fourth deck, port side.

Yours in loving the neighborhood,


  1. Good neighbors are so important!

  2. How cool (and lucky) is this??