Thursday, February 24, 2011

#470 Africa's Most Beautiful Garden

Take an immaculately tended botanic garden in a unique climate zone supporting one of Earth's most diverse plant populations and squeeze the garden against Cape Town's Table Mountain backdrop.
This is Kirstenbosch Garden donated to the people of South Africa by Cecil Rhodes, the funder of the Rhodes Scholarships.
Our botanic day of fun began with a walk through the Stone Pines.
The succulant garden was other-worldly.
Cycads were dinosaur food.
Kirstenbosch grows acres of cycads.
But a highlight for me was the familiar tree nestled among the cycads that seems to grow everywhere we've lived and everywhere we travel, ginkgo biloba.
Yours in finding a familiar face in a strange crowd,


  1. How's that traveling east thing going for ya? Tired yet?

  2. Sarah: 23 hour days rock...unless you're one of those humans who need sleep. ;-)