Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#469 South from Cape Town

Definition of a short drive: Anything south from Cape Town along the 30 mile peninsula.
Definition of a beautiful drive: Anything south from Cape Town along the 30 mile peninsula.
Our list of Top 10 Drives in North America is unchanged, but Chapman's Peak Drive along the Atlantic Coast of Africa exhibits the kind of exceptional beauty that merchandisers believe spur humans to buy things, so they film commercials here

Our destination was Cape Point at the end of the peninsula, and we made it.
Along the way we saw penguins.
Baboons and ostrich live here too.
Yours in packing a lot into a short beautiful drive,


  1. That's great! That sign has a really fun madlibs quality to it:
    [Plural noun] are [adjective] and are attracted by [plural noun].
    Librarians are sexy and are attracted by books
    Roofers are silly and are attracted by flowers
    Olympic medalists are hungry and are attracted by lemurs

  2. When I was on the same spot, the rangers were throwing rocks at the pesky baboons who were out hunting food. I saw a VERY large baboon run across the parking lot presumably looking for food to eat. Glad no one in the group had any hanging around!

  3. Erika: Humans are dangerous and are attracted by food.

    Julie: We were told baboons open unlocked car doors and rummage through the contents in the owners' absence. Since we didn't see any baboons, I suppose they were out for a drive the day we visited.