Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#560 Fall 2013 sets sail

The Semester at Sea fall 2013 voyage sailed on Saturday from Southampton! Huzzah!

Our plan is to sail around the Atlantic for 115 delightful days with 573 superb students, 15 lovely Lifelong Learners, 40 first-rate faculty, 31 stupendous staff, 36 fun family members, and 182 courageous crew. 

Our student population is 25% male, 75% female and represents 247 institutions, 48 states, and 18 countries.

Our librarian population is 100% female and represents 2 institutions in 2 states.  Julie and I are an excellent match. 

Everyone on board is thrilled to be docking tomorrow in our first port of Saint Petersburg - especially Julie and me.  Together with Kelly, we will extend the hand of librarian friendship to a Saint Petersburg University librarian, visit a couple of libraries, and have dinner together.  Spasibo to Karen for her international connections!

Yours in beginning the bon-niest of voyages,


  1. Aw I wish there were 16 Lifelong Learners. Have a wonderful trip!


  2. Someday, someday, I hope to travel with you as one of the librarians!