Monday, August 12, 2013

#557 Staying in Touch

Staying in touch can be tough on the MV Explorer. So many e-mail accounts, so many devices, so little time.
FIVE devices:  Between the two of us, we're taking three laptops, one iPhone, and one iPad.

SEVEN e-mail accounts: And between us, we're checking seven e-mail accounts - yes, seven!  That includes two UVA e-mail accounts, one shared personal account, and two shipboard accounts for each of us.
Seven accounts on five devices leads to a long discussion of forwarding accounts, IMAP vs POP, the 'recent:' tag for multiple users accessing one Google mail account, Thunderbird vs Outlook, passwords, and all kinds of things you just normally take for granted when you're at home.  

The good news is we've gained a good bit of experience that will come in handy when helping to set up email accounts with multiple clients on multiple platforms for 600 shipmates.

And at this point, it's all good news.

Yours in email heaven,

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