Friday, August 09, 2013

#556 Queen Mary 2 vs MV Explorer

As we prepare to sail on the Queen Mary 2, we can't help but compare it with the ship we know best, the MV Explorer.
We have determined earlier, through extensive research, that the MV Explorer is home to the world's largest floating library.  Now we see that the QM2 is about twice as long and twice as tall as the MV Explorer giving it room enough to house 15 restaurants and bars, 5 pools, a casino, a ballroom, a theater, a planetarium, and kennels.

5 pools?  Think of the synchronized swimming competitions!

Casino? I read somewhere that shipboard casinos are being transformed into libraries.

Kennels?  Every SAS voyage librarian, it seems, was forced to leave their favorite pet at home.  If only the MV Explorer had kennels...

Top speed of 28 knots?  Captain Jeremy told us during Spring 2011 that the MV Explorer's top speed was 30.2 knots in Fall 2007 when entering the Red Sea.   

I'm guessing we may find other differences between these two ships.  What can we find out for you?  Watch this blog for future updates.
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