Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#559 Sailing on two ships

There are so many things to love about the Queen Mary 2!  (See Queen Mary 2 photos around the world.)
We enjoy:
  • the interviews with the shipboard librarian and IT lab manager. 
  • the lectures, especially by maritime historian Bill Miller and Canadian author Margaret Atwood.  
  • the theater, especially by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. 
  • the evening entertainment, especially the Apassionata dance performance.
  • the planetarium shows.
  • the fabulous food, the Afternoon Tea, and the galley tour.
  • the Cunard-crested bedroom slippers that I'm now wearing on the MV Explorer.
  • the ability to circumnavigate the ship all on one outside deck.
 Our cabin with balcony is ideal for the two of us. 

After a week crossing the Atlantic, we dock in Southampton on August 22, watch the MV Explorer dock right behind us minutes later, then move our bags from one ship to the other. 

There are so many things to love about the MV Explorer!  (See MV Explorer photos around the world.)

In addition to all the other good reasons you've heard us talk about for years, we now appreciate these MV Explorer features:
  • the cost of a photo with the captain (free vs $27.50)   
  • free e-mail for all.  
  • the cost of a bag of laundry ($6 vs $40).  
  • the opportunity to visit the bridge, sit in the captain’s chair, and wear the captain’s hat.
  • the opportunity to have breakfast with a couple of astronauts.
  • small enough to sail under Denmark's Great Belt East Bridge.

Yours in loving two ships, but maybe one a little bit more,

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