Monday, March 06, 2017

#712 Yellowstone commute

What a nature-filled commute we enjoy as volunteers here in Yellowstone!

Kelly and I have been lucky enough to experience two fabulous commutes during our working lives: walking to work in downtown Indianapolis and walking to UVA in Charlottesville.

Here at Yellowstone, we drive 6 miles losing 1,000 feet in elevation to travel from our park housing in Mammoth Hot Springs inside the park boundary to our work place at the Heritage and Research Center in Gardiner, MT.

Instead of seeing springtime azaleas in bloom, here we see bison strolling through snow...

while following the Gardiner River downstream...

north of the 45th Parallel...

until we see the Heritage and Research Center through the historic Roosevelt Arch.

After we finish our work day, we drive back through the Roosevelt Arch,

and retrace our steps up the mountain past the big rock. 

Sometimes we must slow down through the congested areas and...

take time to photograph the bison and...

wish the elk would come a bit closer...

 until we've reached our Mammoth home.

Yours in loving a good commute,
Mary Jo


  1. Fabulous! I adore the congested area.

  2. Love these photos. Please keep 'em coming!