Saturday, October 14, 2006

#55 The visible Myanmar

We didn’t see first-hand evidence of repression in Myanmar. We'd read enough to know that traveling to tourist sites we would be unlikely to see anything other than people going about their everyday tasks. Uniformed police or military were no more visible in Myanmar than elsewhere, although undercover officers are said to be “everywhere” and the country ranks 10th in the number of active military. Visitors are not allowed to enter areas of the county with a history of civil unrest. One of the commercial guidebooks showed the roadway checkpoints which serve to define the limits of travel although no such designation is evident on the official government tourist map.

One author compared the situation of the average Myanmar resident to someone who has cancer. They know there is a serious problem but they must continue to go about the tasks of daily life.

Yours in even greater appreciation of our freedoms,

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