Friday, October 27, 2006

#66 Entering The Red Sea

Just for fun, look at a map of the Middle East and find the southernmost point in the Red Sea.

Imagine the view if you were on a ship passing through that narrow strait of Bab-el-Mandeb. On a map it looks narrow, but it’s about 20 miles wide with Yemen (Asia) on the East side and Djibouti (Africa) on the West.

 This is our view of Yemen.
3001 Entering Red Sea

Yours in the Red Sea,

17 degrees 40 minutes North 40 degrees 28 minutes East


  1. awesome! You'd hadrly know you passing through such a narrow area... you can barely see the land in that photo!

  2. Our anticipation was sky high approaching the strait after several days without view of any land. Frankly we were a bit disappointed that the landforms were not more impressive. With binoculars we could make out many low buildings the color of sand on the Yemen side. We saw no vegetation anywhere.