Saturday, October 28, 2006

#67 I’m Married to a Rare Bird

Malaria – we didn’t want it.

Vietnam, Myanmar, and India have it. Way back in August our travel doctor spelled out the options for Malaria meds and we chose the daily tablet with limited side-effects over the likely-hallucinogenic once-a-week option. So for the last 3 weeks in those 3 countries we’ve dutifully ingested our Malarone tablets each evening.

About a week ago in Delhi, Mary’s world started spinning erratically. “Positional vertigo” said our ship doctor. “Stay the Malarone course and we’ll see how long the vertigo lasts.” Mary, ever the trooper, stayed the course and the world kept spinning. When the Malarone ran out, so did the positional vertigo. Cause and effect? Studies show 3% of the population report dizziness side-effects with Malarone.

Yours in being married to a rare bird,

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  1. I guess the moral of the story is to always go for the hallucinogenic, right? Hope you are feeling better soon Mary.