Wednesday, October 25, 2006

#63 Words of Wisdom

As we start heading back towards Indiana, we’re thinking of all the good advice and words of wisdom we’ve appreciated along the way…
• There’s humor everyone – take a look around. - Kathryn
• Take half as many clothes and twice as much money. – Dick and Bridget
• Avoid clothes with logos. - Karen
• Don’t look Middle Eastern men in the eyes - if you do, they will think that you are a loose woman! - Karen
• Travel when you’re young and healthy. – Joyce
• If you go south of the equator, set up a temporary sun dial and check to see if the sun really moves in the opposite direction: counterclockwise. - Roger
• Take copious notes for some freelance travel journalism - or who knows you might be inspired to write a book. – Jeff
• Pay particular attention to the safety instruction card in your cabin, because if there’s a derailment, I may not be here to save you. – Carlos, our train attendant
• Northern NM is a beautiful place to live. – Judith
• Being chosen to participate in this voyage is like winning the lottery twice. – Tom (Fall 2006 faculty)
 • I don’t like being separated from you when there’s a lifeboat situation. – Kelly Johnston
• These SAS students have chosen Cairo instead of Cabo. – Kathryn
• Academia is like a constant mutiny where no one ever walks the plank. – Judith

Yours in hanging out with wise people,

Our current location Latitude: 14 degrees, 13 minutes N Longitude: 52 degrees, 4 minutes E
Speed: 17.3 knots


  1. Kelly wouldn't have liked the Titanic!

    Here's some more advice. You better get out your gas mask for Cairo.

    One more thing. I noticed that the post about the handsome captain was anonymous. I just want to say that it wasn't me. :-) Really.

  2. Mapblue,
    I liked the first half of the movie Titanic!

    Thanks for the gas mask tip. The air pollution we saw in Delhi darkened the sky at noon. Sounds like we should expect more of the same in Cairo.

    Your denial of the "Anonymous" post is being taken under consideration.