Saturday, October 21, 2006

#60 Introducing our daughters

In real life off the ship, Kelly and I have somehow not found the time to expand our family. But in the topsy turvy world of ship life, we have adopted six intelligent, beautiful, delightful daughters. Here’s a photo of Raine, Sara, Heidi and Heather at last night’s family gathering. (You other parents know how hard it is to get the whole family together at one time.)

2404 Raine Sara Heidi Heather

We get together each week – sometimes for a family dinner in the dining hall or for a photo swap in the piano lounge. We talk about family and classes and life on ship and goals and stuff like that. Other students on board include the granddaughter of an Illinois governor and the granddaughter of a US president, but we love our daughters best.

Yours in parenthood,

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  1. From one mom to another, I'll bet you are bursting with pride! I know the feeling!
    xo, mom (and dad)