Thursday, January 06, 2011

#437 SAS librarians rock!

Chris and Shannon took great care of the library during the fall voyage!  And Shannon continued the caretaking during the 3-week enrichment voyage.  So when I boarded in Fort Lauderdale, the only tasks for me were to prepare the library for the spring voyage.  MANY THANKS to those two seaworthy librarians for getting us off to such a great start.

So now, 2 days after boarding, I can report that the S11 reserves are on the shelves, the S11 passengers (all 823 of us) have been uploaded into the Destiny catalog, and the 800 e-readings have been uploaded to the shipboard intranet.  I also reviewed 9 boxes of donated DVDs for possible inclusion into our collection.  There's more I need to do, but if the faculty were to board tomorrow, they'd be reassured to see their course materials waiting for them.

As good as that sounds, though, there are even more highlights.  Sabrina, one of our fall 2006 student assistants, is on board for the alumni voyage. Erika, Sabrina says hi!

And Rachel is another fall 2006 alum on board.  She is half-way through her library degree at Simmons College in Boston and is motivated to finish, so she can sail as a SAS librarian on the MV Explorer.  How cool is that!

Yours in enjoying some quality library time,

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