Thursday, January 27, 2011

#450 River Amazon villages

The millions of jungle acres surrounding urban Manaus, Brazil are home for many people. 

To better understand life away from the big city, we joined faculty and students from The Federal University of the Amazon to visit a string of villages along the south bank of the Amazon.

Clearly, we're not in Manaus anymore.

Up the boardwalk and down the shore we walked... meet with administrators and children from the local school.

We saw beautiful vegetable gardens and their gardeners.

Check the high water marks on the trees.  In a few months time during the rainy season, the River Amazon (now far in the background) will rise to flood everything in this picture.

Nine hours later we reboarded our boat headed back to Manaus.
And I've not even mentioned the librarians, the jungle powerpoint, the architecture, the rubber trees, or the massive termites.

Yours in leaving more for later,


  1. Kelly,
    LOVED the posts from the Amazon and all you saw there. Keep on sharing with us back home!

  2. I just love your Blog! Keep it up Kelly & Mary!