Monday, January 17, 2011

#441 Busy Time

We've been busy. Think midtown Manhattan at rush hour or 5PM Friday at the Atlanta airport busy.

Between Mary's work in the library and my work in the computer lab during orientation and the first two days of classes, it seems we've had contact with most all of our colleagues among the 800 undergraduate students, faculty, staff, and lifelong learners.

And we kicked it up a notch during busy time by leading two book discussion groups and lecturing in the Global Studies course.

So our arrival yesterday in Roseau, Dominica, our first port, gave us all a chance to step on land, breathe, reflect, and recharge for the days ahead.

Yours in loving every busy minute of it,


  1. "loving every busy minute of it" . . .
    as it should be my friend. As it should be!

    Yours in keeping up with your adventures,
    Donna B in MN

  2. As much as I know these first 3 days suck for you and Alla in the lab, I would gladly trade places with you in a heartbeat.