Friday, January 21, 2011

#444 Dominica, the Nature (and Architecture) Island

It's not the Dominican Republic.  It's Dominica.  And that was our first official port.  

Louis Nelson (sitting on the wall below) lead us on a fantastic walking tour of Roseau, Dominica's capitol.

Louis' enthusiasm and knowledge of Caribbean architecture got us all excited about projecting second floor balconies, lava stone quoins, and vernacular two-chamber dwellings (some built of shipping containers.)

All the very best architecture tours include the local library.

Later, Mary and I walked about a mile down the coast to find Zam Zam, our new favorite Dominica restaurant. Yea, the view's decent.

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Yours in visiting the Nature (and Architecture) Island,


  1. Johnstons: You'll be happy to know that you're missing some freezing temps here in the c'ville. Highs of 20's tomorrow. Joy!

    Looks like you guys are having a blast!

  2. Yes, but did the library have THE book? Do they know about Seuss in Dominica?

  3. We've yet to find THE book (Oh, The Places You'll Go)on this voyage, but we're still looking!