Friday, May 23, 2014

#630 Baltic Gold

I love the Baltic Gold!

Amber trees (conifers) disappeared about 40 million years ago, but before they became extinct, their resin produced the magnificent amber stones that we can still find today in Gdansk and Klaipeda.

Amber is most often used for jewelry, but my favorite amber in Gdansk was this beautiful lamp.
We docked in Klaipeda and traveled to the Palanga Amber Museum, housed in a palace at the seaside resort of Palanga.  Huge pieces of amber, many with inclusions of insects are on display.
My favorite amber at the museum shop was this necklace - though I didn't like it enough to pay the 220 euros to take it home with me. 
For some, Baltic Gold means something other than amber.  It means Svytury's beer. It's been around since the 18th century and goes well with the traditional Lithuanian fare of chilled beetroot soup and potatoes. 
Yours in appreciating all the Baltic Gold,

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