Thursday, May 29, 2014

#636 No time for work

For the first time ever, I'm on board the MV Explorer and I'm not working.

See how eager I am to board?
My friend Theresa is teaching me the art of cruising.  There is so much to learn.  For example, I need to remember to take my sunglasses and a book to 5 aft for reading (or for not reading).  And I certainly must remember the cookie break at 1600.   Meeting up with friends for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while at sea and planning for upcoming ports are critical to the success of cruising, so I pay close attention to those events.

The lectures on this enrichment voyage are fabulous.  My favorites are those led by Larry Silver, Penn professor of Art History.  We first met Larry in Fall 2006 and have been his groupies ever since. 
And, of course, I'm actually working a little bit.  I've trained the EV library staff.  I've answered a few work e-mails.  Larry and I worked on the art and architecture collection of the shipboard library. And now I'm updating some library documentation.

Yours in wondering how I ever had time for full-time work,

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