Sunday, June 01, 2014

#637 Curling in Helsinki

Several months ago from the comfort of our Virginia living room, we were thumbing through a list of field programs for the upcoming Enrichment Voyage.  Curling in Helsinki?  Of course! 

Today on a grey gloomy day in Helsinki just before stepping onto a huge sheet of ice at the curling arena, we were instructed to slip on a “slider” to make our shoes more slippery.  What were we thinking?

Make no mistake, curling rocks!  For two hours we pushed granite stones around the ice and gained an appreciation for the skills required.
After it was over, I chatted with our curling instructor and learned he was a curling silver medalist for Finland at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games and a former member of the parliament of Finland.  And clearly a very modest guy.

We should make more decisions from our Virginia living room.

Yours in curling,


  1. did you wield the broom?

  2. Certainly! It's not curling if you don't sweep!