Saturday, June 07, 2014

#644 The Shetlands

Not a tree in sight and yet...

The Shetland Islands are breathtakingly beautiful!

We docked in Lerwick on the most beautiful day of the year (according to the locals) and made our way to the northwest edge of the mainland to see the Eshaness sea stacks near the Eshaness lighthouse.

 It's been a couple decades since we last visited Scotland and we are happy to see it again.   
 Some of our favorite things include kite-flying over the sea stacks,
the crofts,
 cutting peat,
 those intelligent, strong, adorable Shetland ponies,
 and the dry stone walls.  (I predict there will be a dry stone wall in my future.)
Yours in enjoying the spectacular beauty of this Scottish island,

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  1. I am, of course, enjoying all of your travelogues, but these pictures...whoa. They stir up the longing in me, big-time. So gorgeous.