Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#635 Saint Petersburg

Of course, there is much more to Saint Petersburg than the food!

For one thing, we have 18 hours of daylight today between sunrise at 0455 and sunset at 2258.

The city is beautiful.  Kelly and I went to the extra trouble and expense to get a Russian visa that allows for the most flexibility in our travel.  Nearly all (95%) enrichment voyage passengers did not get the visa.  Here are some of the 5%.
Also known as Venice of the North, Saint Petersburg is crossed with a web of beautiful canals.  There are 22 bridges that cross these canals and the Neva River that must be raised to let ships pass.
Subway travel on the Saint Petersburg Metro is another fun mode of transportation around the city.  It is one of the deepest, busiest, cleanest, and prettiest subway systems in the world. 

Two beautiful masterpieces that we saw on this visit include the stunning Church on the Spilled Blood:

 And the Summer Garden adjacent to the Summer Palace of Peter the Great.
Yours in counting ourselves lucky to find ourselves in this beautiful city again,

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