Monday, May 26, 2014

#632 Tallinn

Tallinn is my favorite port so far.

I'm basing this on the 'boatload' of photos I've taken here in this beautiful city.  Lucky for us, it's a port where we stay docked for 2 days - instead of the usual 1 day.

Tallinn's Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, reminds us of Dubrovnik with its city walls and red-tiled roofs next to the water.  

With our friend Theresa as our guide, we explore every nook and cranny.   Sometimes, Theresa even holds a rolled map above her head like the paid tour guides!  Here we are entering the Great Coastal Gate, a 16th-century arch flanked by two towers.
The Alexander Nevsky cathedral, built when Estonia was part of the Russian empire, is magnificent.
 But the Holy Spirit Church, a medieval Lutheran church in the Old Town, is my favorite.
We do some shopping at the Little Red House in the Old Town - selling only what is made in Estonia.  Here Kelly is paying for my Estonian socks and Donna is purchasing a blacksmith-made shot glass.  
On our first day, the Town Hall Square is filled with an acrobatic troupe.
But, of course, one of our favorite sights is the MV Explorer docked in the distance in one of the prettiest views of the city.
Yours in loving Tallinn,

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