Sunday, July 06, 2008

#309 Visiting a Russian home

For our Russia capstone event, Mary and I escorted twelve students to the home of a local family.
751 RU Home visit
Mom was home to greet us at her fourth-floor, walk-up apartment near downtown Saint Petersburg. Dad was away at sea working as a merchant marine and their son who attends college at Saint Petersburg State University was out on a date. After a tour of their three-room apartment, mom treated us to tea, coffee, cookies, and conversation through an interpreter.

Away from the tourist sites and general SAS hubbub, we came face-to-face with everyday Russian life...paying bills, juggling family time with work, relying on public transportation, exercising the right to vote, cold winters, short summers, the influence of television, and differing views of gay lifestyles.

In many ways, Saint Petersburg was not an easy port. Our home visit gave us a reality check to end our short stay.

Yours in leaving Russia,

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  1. The photos are fabulous! I just discovered the link to more photos you have on flikr. Gorgeous and fascinating, both. And I can't believe how much you managed to do/see in such a short time.
    I promise not to be so annoying, now that you're out of Russia (although Greece may inspire some comments...)
    In the spirit of your blog:
    Yours in living vicariously, Margarita