Wednesday, July 16, 2008

#316 Belgian specialties

Belgium has a few delectable specialties: Belgian chocolate, Belgian waffles, Kriek beer, and Belgian fries with all kinds of toppings. Yum! While we've been docked in Antwerp, we've enjoyed all these fine local delicacies.
And despite all evidence to the contrary, the Semester at Sea visit with 600 students arriving in Belgium has nothing to do with the fact that the Belgian government collapsed today or that Budweiser, the king of beers, is now a Belgian product.

Yours in enjoying all things Belgian,


  1. Yay! A Semester of Food continues...

  2. I just got my first chance to view your blog since you've left on this trip ---You just had to show the picture of rich, milk chocolate, didn't you?!! I could contain my jealousy until I saw this deletable treat! But, alas! No time for jealousy. We're hot and heavey in the middle of wedding planning! and our Scottish friends (Fred & Ruth) are coming across with Kinder chocolate in hand. --When I eat it, I'll think of you (which always brings a smile to my face).--Have a great trip! Donna

  3. Hi Todd & Donna,

    Yes, the SOF (Semester of Food) is ramping up now with us having experienced the best of Belgium and soon to dock in Italy.

    Do not be surprised to see more food focus.


  4. So, just curious, do you eat melted chocolate on the waffles? It seems like such a good idea.


  5. Hi Warner,

    The Belgians offered waffles dipped in chocolate that hardens like a dipped ice cream cone.

    Your idea of warm waffles covered in melted chocolate is fabulous and is making me hungry.