Thursday, July 31, 2008

#324 The Great Library Redux

Alexandria seemed to be waiting for us as we pulled into the dock before sunrise on Wednesday morning. Our friend Aree was there to see it.
And though we'd visited the great library of Alexandria on our last voyage, it was again on the top of our list. (You realize by now that I have an obsession.) It's a little over 2 miles from the ship to the library, but to best experience Alexandria, we set off on foot. Our friends Aree and Summer beat us there, but they cheated. They took the bus.
These SAS students are eagerly looking through Art in History, a book by one of our faculty members. (I'm sure their eagerness has nothing to do with seeing that jacket photo taken a couple of decades earlier.)
You may also realize by now that I'm not the only one in our family with an obsession. Here Kelly enjoys the map collection.
And finally, to answer the question you all are asking... No. The great library of Alexandria still does not have a copy of "Oh! The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss.

See my comments on the Library of Alexandria on the UVA Today blog.

Yours in believing some things are worth seeing twice,


  1. Hi, I was watching the SAS website with great interest on Monday morning... and am relieved and happy that you are where you are and not where you were supposed to be! I got a shiver when I read about the cheer in the Union when Alexandria was announced as the alternative port. I can only imagine what it must be like to await that news! You may be half a world away but Margie and I are with you in spirit!!

  2. Including Mamma Mia! :-)