Tuesday, July 08, 2008

#311 Flying high

Kite flying from the decks of the MV Explorer. It doesn't get any better.
Two people brought kites on our voyage and I know you're shocked to learn that Kelly was one. ;-) Here our adopted family turns out to cheer on the kite flyer.
Yours in flying high into Denmark,


  1. Nice. Glad to see the boost in that little kite's self-esteem since it left C-ville.

  2. Nice little parafoil. I'd highly recommend its larger dual-lined cousins - great fun for a tug o' war with the wind.

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  4. Sam & Jeff,

    The thrill of victory for the little parafoil was followed a few days later by the agony of defeat.

    After an extended flight off the back deck of the MV Explorer, the parafoil encountered turbulence and death-spiraled into the drink.

    And due to a few birds-nests we'd introduced into the line during launch, our attempt to pull the parafoil to safety was met with a SNAP.

    Yup, she's buried at sea.