Saturday, July 26, 2008

#320 Our Roman Holiday

Have you seen Roman Holiday, the 1953 film starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn? One of the many good things about this Oscar winner is that it was filmed in Rome. We didn't have long in Italy, only 4 days, so we rushed to see all the filming locations of Roman Holiday. Saint Peter's Square - featured in the film's opening sequence
Saint Peter's Basilica - not featured in the film's opening sequence, but when in Rome...
Ponte Sant'Angelo - the pedestrian bridge over the Tiber River near where Greg and Audrey danced on a river barge
Trevi Fountain - near where something romantic happenedt
the Colosseum - near where something funny happened
the Pantheon - our night-time photo doesn't show it, but this looks a lot like the Rotunda at UVA.
and the Spanish Steps at the top of Via Condotti - where Greg 'accidentally' bumps into Audrey eating gelato!
Yours in wondering if we should design all our city explorations around film,


  1. When I read this post, I immediately rushed over to and put Roman Holiday on hold. It came in today, and we just finished watching it. Lots of fun. It wasn't too hard to picture Princess MaryAnn and Newsman Kelly Bradley living it up in the ancient city. I bet Kelly did the bit with the missing hand in the Mouth of Truth, huh?

  2. Our Rome visit ended before we had a chance to see the Mouth of Truth. We have to save something for next time!

    Princess MaryAnn