Sunday, July 13, 2008

#315 Shortcut through Germany

It's a quiz. Which canal is longer than the Panama Canal, has more ship traffic than the Suez Canal, and shares two letters of its four-letter name with the Erie Canal? That's right, Kiel Canal in Germany. Today we saved over 200 nautical miles and many tons of fuel on our way from Denmark to Belgium by traversing the Kiel through northern Germany.
And the views were a bonus. Lush rolling hills dotted with small farms, orchards, and fields of grain, bicyclists with packs on long journeys, and families camping, fishing, and constant waving - a delightful day. After nine hours of canal boating, we exited through a lock into the River Elbe.
We waved to the crowds gathered to watch the busy ship traffic. They smiled and waved. We smiled and waved back.
Yours in enjoying tired arms from canal waving,

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  1. Hey guys, I've been one of the people on land waving to the passing ships. cheers. The River Elbe has a fascinating history. Party on. Joyce