Saturday, July 12, 2008

#314 Tak Korsor!

For the first time ever, SAS visited Denmark. And in what may be another first, the entire shipboard community - students, faculty, staff, lifelong learners - all seem to agree that Denmark has been the perfect host.
It was Tuesday morning at 0800 that we arrived in Korsor (55°20'24"N 11°7'48"E) - a town of about 12,000 about an hour west of Copenhagen by train. The town, based on notices in the Korsor newspaper and fliers at the public library (shown below), was prepared for our visit.
The townspeople were waving from the dock, the band was playing, and the red carpet was rolled out at the gangway for our arrival. We were welcomed from the start. And in what may be another first, the townspeople came back again to say goodbye on Friday night at 2100 - our scheduled departure time. The band was playing again. We were applauding. Students were waving home-made thank you signs. The townspeople were encouraging us to stay another day and inviting us to come over for coffee.
Seriously, it's enough to bring a tear to one's eye.

Yours in sadly leaving Denmark,

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