Monday, July 28, 2008

#322 Changing Course

We're having a good voyage. The faculty are inspiring. Our student assistants provide us with a helpful and positive presence in the library from 0800 to 2300. The ports have been nothing less than brilliant. And I'm addicted to some amazing strawberry smoothies served 7th deck aft.

And tonight, our executive dean announced we are changing our itinerary for safety reasons. Instead of Istanbul, our next port is Alexandria. The students who gathered in the Union for the announcement endorsed this plan with a rousing cheer.

So Captain Jeremy pointed the ship toward Africa. I'm already planning our return trip to Alexandria and the great library there. In 2006, Erika and I enjoyed a behind-the-scenes, secret-librarian-handshake tour from our guide Sherine. I wonder if she remembers me.
Yours in changing course,


  1. That was the last day I had those sunglasses that are hanging from my jacket. Those are the coolest sunglasses I ever had!

  2. PS. BUMMMER!!! Those kids don't know what they're missing

  3. It's only been 2 years. I'll see if I can find those sunglasses - either in the library or in that family's home where we made an emergency stop. ;-)

  4. I hope you weren't planning to buy any more of those sweet bowls!

  5. We were planning to buy some more of those sweet bowls, because those sweet bowls are very easily breakable and we're running low!