Tuesday, July 29, 2008

#323 Living on the side of a volcano

We've arrived safely in Egypt, but here's one last look back across the Mediterranean to Italy.

In southern Italy, three million people live within a stone's throw of one of the world's most historically explosive volcanoes, Mt. Vesuvius. The volcanic mountain looms near the port in Naples and was clearly visible from the MV Explorer during our stay.
Photo credit: Dominque
While others climbed to the top of the cauldera to see steam spewing from active vents, we visited Pompeii, the site most famously impacted by the 79 AD eruption. Earlier we'd seen beautiful Pompeii mosaics at the National Archeological Museum in Naples.
Quite a contrast to the rutted stone streets, deserted homes, and desolation of the excavated city of Pompeii.
Pompeii was never resettled, but millions of people still choose to live nearby making this the most densely populated volcanic region on earth.

Yours in keeping one eye on the cone,

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