Friday, July 11, 2008

#313 Library visits in NO, RU, DK

Our SAS library tour continues. So far, we've enjoyed some terrific libraries and we've had a couple of disappointments. I could not schedule a tour for either the National Library of Russia in Saint Petersburg or the Royal Library in Copenhagen, aka The Black Diamond. The librarians at each institution proved to be - dare I say it? - less than helpful. So, sadly, I missed out on my secret-librarian-handshake-required, behind-the-scenes tour of each. We snapped these photos of The Black Diamond as we walked around on our regular, non-password-protected, self-guided tour.
It looks like the Danish Museum of Art and Design has a cool library too. I didn't know about this one until the day we arrived and unfortunately, the library was closed on the day of our visit. (I peeked through the door to snap this photo.)
Other libraries have excelled in helpfulness along the way - particularly the Bergen Public Library in Norway,...
the University of Bergen library...
and the small public library in Korsor, Denmark where our ship has been docked the last 4 days. When I introduced myself to a librarian in Korsor, she made sure to compliment the students who had visited - saying they were polite, respectful, and very appreciative of the free internet access!
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